I Lick Rocks...

To most people, when they pick up a rock, it is just a gritty nugget, unattractive, unappealing and throw it back into nature. When I pick up a rock I will typically turn it, look at it, scrutinize it, examine for unique inclusions or consider if certain patterns are worth emphasizing. Wetting it down will also reveal what it might look like when polished so a few drops from my water bottle or even licking it to see what it looks like. At times I just leave it alone because nature has already finished it.

However if the stone is interesting my dissection of the stone commences to find something within the stone. If the natural rough chunk is interesting I will take it home and cut it open and most times it reveals a beauty that was hidden within. This is when the excitement begins and I begin fumbling designs in my head for what I can make out of this. To me that is the enjoyment of my skills, taking something and turning it into art.

A majority of my work is designed in this way. Emphasizing the beauty within nature.

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