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I am of the Bitter Water clan born for the Water Edge, my maternal grandparents are Towering House and my paternal grandparents are Red House. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Music with an emphasis in Classical Guitar Performance from Northern Arizona University in 2000. I continued working at NAU then decided to recommence my education and began taking classes for my second degree. I received my second Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Metalsmithing in spring of 2012. I am now completing another degree in Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Sculpture.

Contemporary Navajo  Jewelry

Our Story

My designs come from interpretation of the world around me. I continue to challenge my abilities with metal by discovering new ways to create a piece that is uncomplicated and multifaceted. This approach allows me to maintain the traditional styles of my Navajo heritage along with a more contemporary twist to my finished wearable work. I enjoy the visual effects of coupling hand cut gemstones and minerals with my metal designs. I utilize hand selected raw materials and shape them to perfectly fit each pieces. This allows me creative freedoms to design forms from beginning to design forms from beginning to end.

Our Vision

While I utilize a variety of materials and processes in each piece, my methodology remains consistent. My intent is to bring into fruition my personal ideas with an underlying theme of traditional yet contemporary Navajo Jewelry.

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